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Fishers Elite Martial Arts and Fishers BJJ and Boxing

At Fishers Elite Martial Arts, our goal is to help students build confidence and learn new skills, regardless of any physical limitations. Our curriculum was built around the idea that all students should receive individual attention and for them to learn what works best for them through drills and sparring.

We are proud to operate two unique locations (right next door to one another) on one site, offering everything from kids and adults martial arts training to comprehensive boxing and Brazilian jiu-jitsu classes.

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This place is amazing! Everyone there is very welcoming and they want to help you improve and be the best not only Martial Artist but the best person you can be!! Family friendly classes and also skill level based classes so you can advance at your own pace!! The instructors here have helped mold me into the person I am today! very successful program!!

Savannah Young

Every great gym starts first with the people. And let me just say that the people here are phenomenal. I have just recently started, but let me say this is the one stop shop if you want to train and learn ju-jitsu, muay thai, and boxing. I love it. This is the spot to be.

Danik Rize

We have taken our boys to Fishers Martial Arts for more than 10 years and have been very pleased with the experience. It has helped them develop martial arts skills, but more importantly, helped instill self-confidence and discipline. Our youngest son has special needs, and Kasi Young and the other instructors have done a phenomenal job working with him and helping him develop physically and cognitively.

Peter Elliott

Very family oriented school. Welcomes students of all ages, and they now how to Taylor the classes to each of them. My family’s experience here has been absolutely amazing, and I would absolutely recommend this school to any individual or family.

Ryan Meier

We just had a birthday party for my son who turned 3. There was a bit of a mix up with the scheduling but the Fishers Martial Arts staff went above and beyond to make it work. They put on a great party and all the kids had an awesome time. A certainty in life and business is that there will be challenges, what matters is how you approach and overcome them. This crew exemplifies how to do that. Thanks again!

Rick Meyer

Well put as my friend Kasi Young said great family atmosphere and the whole team of instructors there are very knowledgable about what they teach. Whether it's Taekwondo, BJJ, or just Boxing they know what they are teaching you are useful techniques they wouldn't be teaching their students if it wasn't. The people there are very inclusive of everyone. The Taekwondo curriculum they teach is part of a national orginazation A.K.A Taekwondo America which frequently have tournaments and events nation wide. Personally it's just an all around awesome place to train/work out with great people who know what they are doing.

Caleb Ginn

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